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Bridget McNamee

Bridget McNamee, MEd

Accommodation Advisor

Fidelity Investments

About Me.

I started my career as a special education teacher in several public school systems.  5 years into teaching, the opportunity to participate in a grant-funded initiative related to accessible curriculum introduced me to the world of accessibility services in higher education and I made the transition from secondary education to the post-secondary realm. 


My most recent career move brought me to the employment space as an accommodations advisor in the business sector. The opportunity to constantly learn from the individualized process, stretch my skills, and contribute to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment energizes me.   While the environment is different, the work is surprisingly similar. I have found that the employment space could learn a lot from the work done by IHEs and my background has prepared me well for this next career phase.

Areas of Expertise.

Shadow on the Wall


HS to College Transition

  • A personalized approach to finding the right fit


College to Work Transition

  • An insider's perspective on navigating the employment accommodation landscape


Strategic Partnerships

  • Establishing relationships and building the business case for inclusion

Sample Presentations.

  • High School to College Transition for student with disabilities

  • Implementing an Accessible Procurement Policy

  • What is/is not an accommodation in the workplace

  • Neurodiversity


Behling, K., Bellemore, E., Bibeau, L., Cioffi, A., McNamee, B. (June, 2023) Introduction to Disability Services in Higher Education – A Insider’s Guide. Temple University Press, Philadelphia,

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