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Lisa Bibeau

Lisa Bibeau, MEd

Assistant Dean, Student Success and Disability Services

Salem State University

About Me.

I entered school in the early days of PL. 94-142 now, known as IDEA. I saw friends and neighbors targeted for testing to determine eligibility due to the neighborhood in which they lived. Once considered for special education, the same children were taken to the boiler room of our school or small closets to learn reading and to work on math facts. As it was happening, I recognized this was wrong. The experience of going through school at such a time of profound change shaped how I see education. My interest in educational equity led me to my chosen career path.

I started my career in higher education in graduate school, supporting college students with learning disabilities. Upon graduation, I transitioned into public schools as a middle school special education teacher. Higher education remained my passion, and I had the great fortune to work for three institutions, from a research one to a regional state university. I maintained my professional focus to support equitable access to education as it's built around the understanding that civil rights legislation provides equal access to students in higher education.

Areas of Expertise.

Shadow on the Wall


Universal Design for Learning

  • Building equitable classrooms

  • Equitable classroom management techniques

  • Faculty development

  • Turning in-person courses into accessible online formats


Disability Services in Higher Education

  • High school to college transition for students with disabilities

  • Interpretation of disability documentation

  •  Building strategic partnerships to further inclusive practices


Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Disability Services

  • Special topics in Higher Education and Student Affairs

Sample Presentations.

  • Accidental UDL: How COVID Was the Impetus for UDL Adoption

  • Universal Design: Collaboration Between Disability Services and First-Year Experience

  • Utilizing Campus Resources to Reduce Outsourcing Costs

  • Infusing Disability Into the Social Justice Conversation

  • Introduction to the Americans with Disability Act and Section 504 of The Rehabilitation act: How these Laws affect higher education

  • Trends Regarding Students with Disability Transitioning to Higher Education

  • Transitioning to College, Tips for Those Working With Students With Disabilities

  • Innovative Strategies in Developing a First Year Seminar Program

  • Looking for A College with a Disability Support Program That fits Your Student's Needs


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