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DSHE - Figures & Supplements

Disability Services in Higher Education: An Insider's Guide is a practitioner friendly guide for professionals in the field. The following pages include figures and resources included in the book.

The supplements are available free of charge (Open Access, unless otherwise noted) and are intended to provide useful job aids and workflows for various processes and policies that you may choose to adopt. Files are provided in formats that will allow you to tailor them to your need for immediate use. Details on how to maximize the impact of these resources can be found in the book!

Figures are provided in high resolution formats to assist in your use. They may be used for teaching materials, presentations, and personal use with the appropriate citation. For reproducing the images in print and/or digital formats for commercial or publication purposes, please contact the authors to request permission.

All works are copyright of the authors and must be credited with the appropriate citation, included on the following pages.

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