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Disability Services
in Higher Education

An Insider's Guide

Available Now from Temple University Press

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A blueprint for disability service providers on how institutions can and must support students with disabilities.

Kirsten T. Behling, Tufts University

Eileen H. Bellemore, Association of American Medical Colleges

Lisa B. Bibeau, Salem State University

Andrew S. Cioffi, Suffolk University

Bridget A. McNamee, Fidelity Investments

Disability Services in Higher Education is the first comprehensive guide for people working in the field of ADA compliance in higher education. The authors examine how disabilities are supported to ensure students receive appropriate accommodations throughout their collegiate experience as well as provide guidance on overall campus accessibility.


This volume provides an overview of the responsibilities of a Disabilities Service professional 

through an examination of relevant literature, laws and regulatory language, case law, and narrative on established practices. It also offers resources that current professionals can modify for use in their day-to-day practice immediately. The authors explore the complexities of accessibility, paying careful attention to the nuances of disability evaluation, accommodation decisions, management of a disability service office, advocating for resources and collaboration within and outside of higher education institutions.


This practitioner-friendly book will help newcomers and seasoned professionals explore and evaluate best practices in the field through questions, examples, and functional job aids
available for immediate use.

About The Cover.

Our desire was to create a cover that depicted the role of you, the Disability Services Provider, in bringing access and inclusion to your campus. The map markers display the six broad categories represented on the Disability Pride flag. Those symbols and colors represent awareness for people who identify as having physical disabilities, neurodivergence, invisible and undiagnosed disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and sensory disabilities. The hand placing the map marker was graciously modeled by Alexander Cioffi, Andrew's son, who identifies as a young person with Autism. Illustrated by Andrew S. Cioffi.

About Disability Pride

"A status, not a condition. A difference, not a defect. An identity, not a label."

We firmly believe that "disability" is not a bad word. We also firmly believe that disability should be more broadly included in the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion narrative. Disability pride is something to be fostered and celebrated


Red - Physical Disabilities

Hexcode - #CF7280


Gold - Neurodivergence

Hexcode - #EEDF77


White - Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities

Hexcode - #E9E9E9

Green - Sensory disabilities

Hexcode - #3AAF7D

Blue - Psychiatric disabilities

Hexcode - #7AC1E0

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