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Kirsten Behling

Kirsten Behling, MA
Associate Dean, Student Accessibility and Academic Resources

Tufts University

About Me.

I grew up at a time when special education was one-dimensional in that the only option was a pull-out model if resources existed at all. I watched family and friends struggle to get the education that they needed in the location that they lived. The inequitable journey that they had to navigate became the focus of my career.   


I began my disability services profession writing and managing grants through the United States Department of Education, empowering faculty to be more inclusive instructors. I then transitioned into higher education as a Disability Services Professional. I have had the pleasure of working at four different institutions, each with its own idiosyncrasies. I have also consulted and worked with many other institutions of higher education around Universal Design for Learning, and disability services best practices. My professional goal is to embrace the diversity of learners by providing educators with the tools they need to engage and instruct students with flexibility and excitement. 

Areas of Expertise.

Shadow on the Wall


Universal Design for Learning

  • UDL overview and "plus one" strategies for faculty

  • Guidance on UDL use in student services offices

  • Access, awareness, and application for faculty and staff


Disability Services in Higher Education

  • Audit of and strategizing for disability services offices in higher education

  • Customized planning around how to enrich a current disability services office

  • In-term leadership for disability services

  • Guidance on using data to showcase the success and needs of an office


Teaching Experience

  • UDL Faculty Fellows Program

  • Introduction to Disability Services in Higher Education

  • Assistive Tech, Emerging Tech, and Web Access for Disability

Sample Presentations.

  • Introduction and Implementation: Putting UDL into College Courses.

  • Tackling the Trickiest Disability Access Situations in Higher Education and Graduate School.

  • Accidental UDL: How COVID was the impetus for UDL Adoption.

  • Navigating the change of teaching modalities in Higher Education, with Access at the Forefront.

  • An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning as a Social Justice Method.

  • How to talk to faculty and Campus Leaders about Universal Design for Learning.

  • Disability Services in Higher Education: Shared Best Practices.

  • Transitioning to Higher Education, Strategies for Students and their Families.


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